Love is all around Mississippi written by Wendi Silvano and Illustrated by Joanna Czernichowska. Watch for a fun tip to help your young reader. There's no greater LOVE, I can tell you, it's true. Than the love of your family, especially for YOU!

Reading can be fun and exciting! In this video, I am  is reading "Biscuit" by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Woof woof, Biscuit doesn't want to go to bed. Follow along to see how his owner gets him tucked into bed. Make sure you listen for a great tip that could help your child enjoy reading.

Reading can take you on a wonderful journey. In this video, I will be reading Bug Zoo by Andy Harkness. Ben loves bugs: armored, teeny, leggy, greenie, floaty, wingy, jumpy, springy bugs! After a trip to the city zoo, Ben collects all of the bugs he can find and sets up a bug zoo. He couldn't be happier--but what about his bugs? Watch for a fun tip that might help your child become a reader.

Thanksgiving Is For Thanks by Margaret Sutherland. In this video I will be reading about giving thanks for everything from parents and pets to lollipops to sunshine. This is a great book to start a discussion on what you are thankful for. 

​Young readers will roar with excitement as they listen to this retelling of Disney’s The Lion King.​

In this video, I am reading Forget*Me*Not, Friendship Blossoms by Michael Broad. This is a wonderful tale of how friendship blossomed between Forget•Me•Not and Cherry. Make sure you listen for a fun reading tip!

In this video, I am reading One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote You Vote by Bonnie Worth from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library. This book explains how we vote and why we vote. 

Oh, the Thinks You can Think! by Dr. Seuss. Celebrate your young reader's imagination with this classic book by Dr.Seuss. 

Outside My Window written by Melissa Lagonegro. This is a great Step Into Reading book for your young reader that loves princesses. Watch for a fun tip at the end.