Book Recommendations for Young Readers

I am a HUGE fan of the "I Can Read" series. As your child progresses in their reading capabilities they can move to another level of books. Make it fun and tell your child how proud you are of them when they complete a level. You can find these books in libraries, book stores and even digital book stores for your E Reader. The "I Can Read" series has a big selection of characters that any child will love. You can find more information about the I can read series at 

"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child" - Dr. Seuss

Pinkaliciuos - Victoria Kann
                 More than anything Pinkaliciuos loves pink, especially pink cupcakes.  Her parents have warned her about eating to many pink cupcakes but she doesn't listen and she turns pink! What will she do?

Berenstain Bears - Mike Berenstain
                   The Berenstain Bears live in a BIG tree house in Bear Country. Papa and Mama Bear are always there to give advice when one of the children needs help. Follow their adventures in their book series that cover bullying to dentist visits.  
Paddington - Michael Bond
                      After a deadly earthquake distress his home, Paddington moves to England and is adopted by the Brown family. Ordinary things become extraordinary when Paddington is involved.

Amelia Bedelia - Peggy Perish
                        Amelia is a maid who takes her duties from the Brown family "literally" and misunderstands the simplest of request. She gets into some funny antics but wins everyone over by baking delicious pies or cakes.    

Biscuit - Alyssa Satin Capucilli
                         Biscuit is a small yellow dog who loves hugs and is a little mischievous. This series is one of my personal favorites.

Flat Stanley - Jeff Brown
                          After an unexpected accident Stanley is now flat but he makes the best of it by sliding under doors and having his friends mail him to different locations. Learn how he returns back to normal with the help of his brother.

Danny and the Dinosaur - Syd Hoff
​                          Danny meets a dinosaur at the museum and they become friends. Danny has always wanted a dinosaur as a pet but he soon realizes that a dinosaur is to big to live in his house. After a fun filled day they say good bye but not before learning some valuable lessons.