​​​​​​​​​Everyone is a reader.....Some just haven't found their book yet.


       What if I told you that when I ask my peers what their favorite books are, they generally laugh and tell me that they only read books that their teachers assign them to read or when I ask young children what their favorite books are, they have a hard time remembering what it is?  It’s shocking but true.  Three years ago, I was the girl who disliked reading.  My parents struggled with finding me books that I would love to read, that is until I wanted to see the movie Percy Jackson.  My Mom told me the only way we would see it, was if I read the book.  I completed the book in two days and begged for the second book in the series.  I realized then that I loved science fiction and have read countless books in the same genre and have pushed myself to find other types of books that I think I might like. This is why I created Matchbook. With Matchbook I created an easy and fun survey that can be distributed at schools, libraries or found here on the website. Once the survey is completed, children can find their perfect book that inspires a love for reading. I want every child to know that there is a book out there for them to love and cherish, all they need to do is give reading a chance. I am excited to announce that I have became a partner with Reading is Fundamental! SINCE 1966, RIF HAS DISTRIBUTED MORE THAN 412 MILLION BOOKS TO 40 MILLION CHILDREN NATIONWIDE, IMPROVING THEIR ABILITY TO READ, LEARN AND GROW. Please check out their website                        for fun tips and ways you can support this wonderful organization.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about Matchbook. If you have any book recommendations that you think would be a great addition to my list, please send me an email at julieanna@julieannasmatchbook.com